My Chic Gold Home Office Makeover

Space is what you make of it… and I’m making a home office. An office where I can be comfortable and just write. Write about what goes on behind the scenes of decorating, write about our lives and kids, what we learn on a daily basis, what new and yummy thing we made for dinner. There’s so many things I can write about… if I have a pretty office. I’ve started piecing together a glorious space in my mind and on my Pinterest board. I’ve been pinning like crazy very chic looking offices with white lacquer desks. They looked so fresh and clean as opposed to my office at work that’s an espresso color. I sourced one desk that looked perfect! It’s from World Market called the Josephine desk. Here’s a picture of the desk in use by blogger that I saw on Pinterest. josephine desk 1

I already have black IKEA Lack book shelves so I’ve got black and white colors to work with. I went to Hobby Lobby to get accent pieces when I discovered that they have white, black and gold wall art. I’ve got a thing about gold foil right now and it felt a little like the “heavens opened” on the gold foil area. Right there was gold foil picture frames, a gold elephant (he was adorable and I’ve named him Peter), a gold and white box, a black, white & gold tray.

Now that I’ve got a solid color direction I can add pieces that inspire me to be creative, be encouraging, be productive. At Hobby Lobby I found a pack of specialty cardstock from Mambi for a baby girl that has some awesome gold foil patterns and positive sayings in gold glitter that I framed in IKEA Ribba frames. Some of them are “You Sparkle & Shine”, “Follow Your Heart” and “Do Small Things With Great Heart.” I’d say those are pretty encouraging with easy and affordable thrown in!

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I found a couple different gold foil and white pattern paper to wrap some old books to act as lifts for props such as Peter (the elephant), glass box and picture frames. In my world travels I’ve picked up a couple mementos. One such memento is the Eiffel Tower statue I got when I was at the Louvre in Paris, France. I spray painted it gold so that I can have on my desk to always remember that I love to travel and traveling is what keeps me creative.

By getting all the pretty stuff out of the way, it’s time to get actual office supplies. With gold starting to be my prominent accent color I started researching gold plated staplers, tape dispensers and scissors. I went to Staples, Office Depot, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby…nothing! I thought I was going to have to order online from Etsy or something similar. I was grocery shopping at Target the other day. I was cutting through the office supplies when I saw the Nate Berkus accessories. Low and behold… there was a gold stapler, tape dispenser, scissors and magazine holder! I love Target. Target has definitely come through for me a couple times.

A desk always deserves beautiful flowers! Don’t forget to get fresh flowers whenever you are going to be working from home.

Here’s a quick shot of my desk today. I’m pretty ecstatic with how everything came out.

Office pic 3


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