Obessed with Gold Foil in Baby Room

I don’t know what it is with the gold foil look that has captured me in it’s grasp. It is so chic and elegant looking! I’m trying to use the look in the model homes we are doing for Serene Homes, but I’ve been told I can only do one room with gold foil… I’m so bummed. I want it everywhere because it’s so pretty.

So I’ve decided what room is getting the special treatment. It’s the BABY ROOM! You want to know why? Because of Hobby Lobby. They have come out with some adorable gold framed with gold foil print wall art that is just perfect for a baby room.


Hobby Lobby “And Baby Makes Three” Wall Art

So I bought three different pictures that coordinated and thought I did great. I’m going to have them above the changing table that was paint a cream color.

Then I made the mistake of going back to Hobby Lobby to “browse.” They put out more gold foil with coral colors added and it looked FANTASTIC! Ughh!! Another color to think about using because it looks amazing with the gold. Come on HOBBY LOBBY!!! Why do you have to be so stylish and make me go outside my gold foil box?!?


5367 Gulfoss Baby Room 3Check this picture out!

Pretty right!?! Sorry. No link to buy it. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have on their website.

To bring the coral / pink into the room we are making the rocker, crib set and changing table out of a matching coral / pink fabric. It’s meshing very well.


Oh Oh… Here’s another one, but this one we changed. The original from Hobby Lobby was black background, but that didn’t work for me at all. So we painted it! We’re some crafty people up in here… Up in here… Sorry. Song got stuck in my head for a minute.

5367 (2)


Hobby Lobby Black & Metallic Gold Love Sign Wall Art

The drapes are going to be panels that are a cream velvet with gold painted swirls that are just so rich and yummy! We are painting the walls a light coral color to make all the gold and white frames POP off the walls. We install the model homes in November so definitely check back for the after pictures because this room will be AWESOME!





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