Start Fresh (It’s been TWO YEARS)

This image is from my absolute favorite styled photographer Shay Cochrane.

Can we start fresh like “January 1st with a salad because I’m starting a new diet” fresh? I can’t even wrap my mind around the last two years of projects that I should have blogged about. I’m just going to start writing. Writing about my day, writing about something I learned, writing about having a business with my mom. You get the gist.


Start fresh… start fresh… Let’s talk about my Monday. Today was a lot of movement. We went to ProSource of Coppell this morning because we have a remodel in Southlake that is at the second stage. First stage was downstairs and I’m sure going to write about that because it has been a blast! Second stage is upstairs bathrooms. We are changing the floor tile, shower tile, toilets, bathroom accessories like hand towel holder & toilet paper holder. I never would have imagined there was so many bronze towel holders. I’ve got the flooring tile and shower tile selected for one bathroom. Now I’ve got to select the grout and then the tile for the second bathroom. I’ll add pictures soon. Or I won’t add pictures to this post because I’ll forget, but I’ll do another post with more about this remodel.


After ProSource, my mom and I had to meet a client at our showroom which just happens to be in Runyon’s Fine Furniture (500 N US Hwy 377 Roanoke, TX 76262). How that came to be is a whole other post or two. We have been working with this client for about 2 years. Going room to room placing furniture and creating window treatments. She’s got a son graduating high school and wants to get the main rooms finished to have a graduation party. The fun part of being in Runyon’s and partnering with them is we get to use a beautiful store that has furniture and accessories on hand to finish out her areas. Let’s hear it for instant gratification!


Once I left Runyon’s I had to go to my workroom and load my Traverse up with 18 panels and 18 sheer panels to take to a Southlake designer. That’s a big project! I was able to drop those off, but I’m going to need to go back tomorrow with drapery hangers since they are not installing the drapes till Friday. Can’t leave drapes where they can get wrinkled. I knew I needed to invest in drapery hangers, but I always had the space to lay out the drapes. With really big jobs I just need to hang the drapes to keep my space.


Once I got home I just wanted to sit down and cool off because it was hot today, but no. I had quotes I needed to write because we’ve got to keep our pipeline flowing to, yeah know, survive.


So why did it even occur to me to blog? WordPress sends me a MILLION emails from spam comments and I had to figure out how to even log into my blog. I’ve got 14k comments for approval. There’s no way I’m going to make it thru that. I can’t even bulk delete. It only let’s me delete maybe 100 at a time. When I saw that it’s been 2 years since a blog, I figured “why not.” Why not just start fresh. Start somewhere. I read somewhere that this one crazy famous blogger just started writing whatever popped into her head that day to just get consistent in posting and remembering to post. So that’s where I’m at. Whatever happens that day or whatever pops into my pretty little’ish head. That’s what I’ll blog about.


I wonder what’s on the calendar for Tuesday.

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